Producing Your Outdoor Vision

Producing Your Outdoor Vision 

"Diamond in the Rough" Structure at Shell Beach

“Diamond in the Rough” Structure at Shell Beach

At A Place to Grow we pride ourselves on working with our clients to fulfill their dream of having their own unique “Place to Grow” whether it’s a greenhouse, artist studio, “She Shed” or outdoor dining area.

We are an environmentally friendly company that creates greenhouses, and other unique outdoor spaces out of recycled and reclaimed materials, keeping these materials out of the landfill and re-purposing them into functional art. Each outdoor structure is as unique as the reclaimed materials used to build it.


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Design Choices

Lovely "She Shed" Sewing Room

Lovely “She Shed” Sewing Room

At our first meeting with our clients we determine what their vision is, and start looking through our warehouse of available materials including windows, old barn wood, urban forested wood, and French Oak used in wine making. We do the drawings and propose several different design choices for them to choose from. Once we have finalized the design and have materials picked out for their unique structure, we meet with our craftsmen to begin construction.

Each of our structures is built as individual wall segments, with the roof consisting of two separate panels. So for example, a typical four-sided structure would consist of four walls and two roof panels. There may also be two additional gable end panels depending on the design. Each of these panels is loaded onto a trailer for delivery to the client’s site.

Serene meditation Room

Serene Meditation Room

We also design two- and three-sided units, as well as custom arbors, to accommodate whatever purpose you can dream up!

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Prior to installation of the structure, the site needs to be prepared to ensure a solid, level surface to erect the structure on. We work with several different landscape contractors that are trained in preparing the site and installing our structures.


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We can help you produce your outdoor vision. Contact us today to get started.