Giving Back

Here at A Place to Grow, giving back to the community is of the utmost importance to us.
As children are very near and dear to our hearts, we focus on donating to causes that directly benefit children.

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Monarch Grove Elementary
Monarch Grove Elementary
Bellevue Santa Fe Charter
Bellevue Santa Fe Charter
Montessori Children’s School
Montessori Children’s School
Supporting Local Charities
Supporting Local Charities

Donated Greenhouse #3!
For the Children of Monarch Grove Elementary

A Place to Grow donated our 3rd “recycled greenhouse” to Monarch Grove Elementary School of Los Osos, located at 348 Los Osos Valley Road in Los Osos, CA. This greenhouse is particularly special in that it was a collaboration between A Place to Grow (APG), Pacific Coast Lumber (PCL) and the Monarch Grove PTA.

This past February 2017, storms along the central coast of California caused several cypress trees to fall down. Sean O’Brien of PCL retrieved a cypress tree that was down at Morro Bay High School. He then milled that cypress tree into the wood for the greenhouse. This meant that the cypress tree went form one school to another within the same school district! What a great lesson in re-purposing for the children of Monarch Grove Elementary school.

APG, along with a volunteer from the Monarch Grove Elementary garden program, designed the greenhouse selecting the reclaimed materials to be incorporated into it. APG also donated the labor to build the greenhouse. This was truly a labor of love and a great collaboration for all parties involved in bringing this greenhouse to life! The school had a ribbon cutting event during their open house in late May 2017 where the children were involved and were so excited to have their greenhouse! They are currently growing pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and tomatoes in their greenhouse!

Another Greenhouse!
For the Children of Bellevue Santa Fe Charter School

A Place to Grow has donated another “recycled greenhouse”, this time to Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School in Avila Beach. This structure was made of doors and windows that had been removed from various homes and repurposed into this unique greenhouse for the children to grow plants from seeds. At the ribbon cutting ceremony on December 12, the children served up a salad made from lettuce they had grown as part of their garden program. They are excited to be able to plant their seeds year-round in their greenhouse!

A Greenhouse for the Children

A Place to Grow has donated a “recycled greenhouse” to the Montessori Children’s School of San Luis Obispo, located at 4200 South Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo, CA. This structure was made from windows and doors that had been removed from a residence and then were repurposed into a delightful, airy greenhouse for the children. At A Place to Grow, we feel that children thrive when they get outside and grow plants while they are growing themselves!

The children at the Montessori School plan to plant tomato seeds in their greenhouse. Once they have grown to seedlings, they will sell them to fund their Art Program. At A Place to Grow, we believe that our children need to connect with our earth through the planting of seeds and watching them grow.

Supporting Local Charitable Organizations 

A Place to Grow regularly donates items, such as reclaimed potting tables and mission tile succulent gardens, for local fundraising events. Giving back to the community is a top priority here!

Stay tuned for more!

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